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    The tutor’s activities that will be described in more details below represent the focal point of the whole psycho-pedagogic model and his/her functions are enable thanks to way by which the training process is organised within the Didactic Cyberspace. All tutors have a customised area, their own page in the Didactic Cyberspace, from which they can carry on all the functions and activities linked to their role. The Tutor’s page includes, beside an information section (Curriculum Vitae, Study Programme, Conceptual Map, Inclusion of Didactic Materials; Didactic Planning; Agenda; My students, Evaluation and Statistics) the whole section linked to the student’s self-learning environment, that is the  Video Library (Video-lessons and Slides), Media Library (Books and Articles, DVDs, Bibliographical Reference, Lists of Websites), Virtual Laboratory (Laboratories, Exercises) and the area linked to Online Tutoring where the Tutor, by means of interactive tools such as Chat, Forum and Virtual Classroom can support the students’ learning processes by classes or  by individual student.
    The Student’s learning process takes place starting from the Conceptual Map of the course from where the student can have general overview of the contents organisation and of the training materials available to develop his/her self-learning; he can see the structuring of the issues within each lesson and the bookmarks that link them to the educational materials (books and article, CD-ROMs, bibliographical reference, list of websites, exercises, virtual laboratories); he view the issues of the forums and the scheduled chats sessions and that are linked to the issues of the video-lessons. The digitised video-lessons represent the focal point of the self-learning process, their realisation modifies the professor’s teaching model and their functions bring about new learning processes for the students.