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  • The Student’s Page


    Here the student can find his own customised page where he can:
    -    Search and use the educational material available;
    -    Communicate with professors and other students in synchronic and asynchrony mode
    -    Make exercises to be submitted to the tutor who corrects and evaluates them.
    In addition in specific areas the student can dispose of:
    o    Customised didactic planning, where the student finds a customised study programme and the didactic activities planning referring to each course and the dates of the four didactic periods envisaged by the system, the classes into which each student has been included. The inclusion into the online study classes is structured in such a way as to grant the student the possibility of attending two subjects for each didactic period being guided by a professor/tutor. Getting through the exams of the attended didactic modules allows getting enrolled and included into the classes of the following courses.
    o    Learning process check: each individual student can check, for each Internet-based didactic activity, his own self-assessment and compare it with that one given by his tutor. He can check by himself if there some gaps in his learning and develop new learning strategies with the support of the professor/tutor, but also of his own classmates.
    o    Agenda (didactic activities planning): it allows displaying the rendezvous fixed by the tutors or by the professor in the Chat-room, Forum and in the Virtual Classroom; it is possible to use the Agenda to include personal memos or ask for the professor/tutor’s support to overcome any learning difficulties.
    o    My lessons on TV today: it allows displaying the videolessons programming schedule being broadcast on the satellite television channel for the subjects being currently delivered.
    Therefore, the student’s page is the point where the student can find the links to his courses, form the lately accessed lessons for each course to the statistical data related to tracing.
    In addition, in his homepage, the student can display all the activities of the day and of the week and the link to his whole agenda, to his tutors, etc.

    The UTIU student carries on tasks and functions that are different from those of the traditional student, he becomes the true “manager” of his own learning process in terms of space and time and acts as member of virtual learning community:
    -    Implements appropriate auto-learning and cooperative and cooperative learning strategies;
    -    Learns how to interact with individuals having a different culture and a different social and political experience;
    -    Learns how to transform theoretical notions into practical abilities;
    -    Becomes an active builder of knowledge and solver of complex problems.

    The Area Professor’s page and the Tutor’s one include the same functionalities and the same training materials.