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  • The role of UNINETTUNO

    The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO supplies the technological infrastructure required to realise the three Technological Poles in the hosting institutions of the Iraqi Governorates of Baghdad, Erbil and Thi Qar made available to the local entrepreneurs.
    The three Poles are equipped with all the technologies required to attend distance teaching courses, to participate in training activities by videoconferencing system and they are a physical place for meetings where it is also possible to organise face-to-face exams as well as meetings, seminars with teachers and students.
    A dedicated UNIDO web-based e-learning platform was realised and monthly updated according to UNINETTUNO psychopedagogic model (under copyright). This platform envisages several categories of main users involved in its use, that is to say entrepreneurs, experts, tutors/counsellors, technological poles managers and can:
    -    include institutional information on the project
    -    present the UNIDO training courses available
    -    manage administrative relations between the project and the students/entrepreneurs
    -    enable the entrepreneurs to study using the UNIDO learning environment
    -    supply information to the entrepreneurs, institutions and the private sector on the project activities.
    Through the web-based platform the users will have at their disposal:
    -    a Virtual Classroom area for online lessons, seminars and assesment tests
    -    a chat system to carry on tutoring and counselling activities.
    In addition, UNINETTUNO is in charge of the training of experts and technicians, selected by UNIDO, in the didactic and organisational methodologies to be used.The selected experts, are trained at UNINETTUNO site in Rome, to be able to deliver the new teaching models using the television and Internet languages.
    Tutors and consellors are trained to make them acquire the skills required for distance teaching and to use the related supporting and tutoring tools based on UNINETTUNO methodology. Upon the project completion, UNINETTUNO will also deal with the production of 360 hours of didactic modules in English and Arabic and of the recording of the training sessions in DVD format to be used as off-line training tools as well as of the broadcasting of UNIDO training contents on the Internet and on satellite TV.