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  • Activities Planning

    UNINETTUNO will be in charge of the implementation of the following activities:
    - Activity 1: Prepare jointly with the EDUs of the Governorates of Baghdad, Erbil and Thi Qar Comprehensive assessment of the local conditions on ICT status in each of the Governorates, including the Internet band width
    - Activity 2: Prepare a detailed list of the equipments needed for setting up and make fully operational UNINETTUNO Technological Poles within the hosting EDUs of the Governorates of Erbil, Baghdad and Thi Qar. Each Technological Poles is equipped with at least:
    -    12 PCs suitable for videoconferencing;
    -    Integrated System of videoconferencing to interact with other centres in Iraq;
    -    1 Wide-Screen (40-50 inc LCD screen or projector and a screen) to allow students to follow the demonstrations made by the tutors and allow the user to do videoconferencing;
    -    A TV set with a satellite dish and decoder which will allow the users to follow the lessons aired by UNINETTUNO;
    -    Servers that allow PCs to access to the local network and to the Internet.

    - Activity 3: Based on the assessment made, supply, set up and make functional the three Technological Poles for e-learning in the premises of the hosting Enterprise Development Institution  Baghdad, Erbil and Thi Qar

    - Activity 4: Realise and (monthly) update of a dedicated UNIDO web-based platform supporting e -learning activities in Iraq. It is a model of Internet-based e-Learning platform suitable for distance learning. The web-based platform envisages several categories of main users involved in its use (such as entrepreneurs, experts, tutors/consellors, technological poles managers) and envisages at least the following functionalities:
    -    Information area: it includes institutional information on the project
    -    Educational Offer area: it includes all UNIDO training courses available
    -    Entrepreneurs Secretariat area: it manages all administrative relations between the project and the students/entrepreneurs
    -    enable the entrepreneurs to study using the UNIDO learning environment
    -    Virtual Didactic area: it enables entrepreneurs to study using the UNIDO learning environment;
    -    Communication area: it supplies information to the entrepreneurs, institutions and the private sector on the project activities. In addition, the web-based platform makes available to the users the following groups of communication tools to enable an appropriate exchange of information among the different  typologies of users.
    -    Virtual classroom area for online lessons, seminars and assessment tests;
    -    Chat system to realise an ad-hoc thematic room to carry on confidential tutoring and counselling activities.
    -    The web-based platform envisages also the availability of special modules to enable the profiling, tracking, reporting and display of statistical data.

    - Activity 5: Capacity building for 12 experts to make them become video teachers at UNINETTUNO site. The experts will be trained in the delivery of new teaching models using television and Internet languages.These experts are selected by UNIDO, but are hired and trained by UNINETTUNO in Rome for at least two working weeks.

    - Activity 6: Capacity building in distance learning of 6 EDU counsellors and 6 Tutors in the UNINETTUNO methodology and distance tutoring and suppporting systems.

    - Activity 7: Analysis and adaptation of the training contents of the EDIP and SPX courses to check their adaptability to UNINETTUNO model and platform structure. During this phase we shall identify the contents and the macro-issues to be designed and produced in videolesson format, beside drafting a preliminary conceptual map envisaging, in the course design phase, possible links to supporting didactic materials.

    - Activity 8: Production of 360 hours of EDP and SPX training modules in English and Arabic and recording of training sessions in minimum 1500 CDs/DVDs to be used as off-line training tools.
    The 360 hours will be divided into :
    160 hours of videolessons (in English or Arabic or a mix of both languages)
    200 hours of supporting training materials and tests (in English and Arabic).

    - Activity 9: Broadcasting of UNIDO training contents on the Internet for 24 months and on satellite TV for 12 months